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IMBIBE: The Bee Arthur

Have you ever met someone and wondered to yourself, how did I not run into this person before? Such was this cocktail aficionado’s recent experience when I walked through the Revolving Door and met the consummate cocktail professional himself, Jason Kindness. The Revolving Door hosts an impressive rotation of guest chefs with menus to make any foodie rave. And while this article isn’t about food – yeah, the food there is inventive and delicious. But, Drinker, you should absolutely head down to Newport for a cocktail. Kindness’ aesthetic seems to balance bold yet accessible flavors with interestingly unfamiliar notes – he plays well with bitters and makes a lot of his own modifiers and infusions. I asked him about a cocktail for our Motif readers. He looked at me and said, “bring me a challenge.” Oh baby, I brought him a challenge: There’s a new liqueur in town by a lovely couple right out of Cranston. Not kidding. Cheongsam Smokey Mist Tea liqueur. He looked at me with a knowing twinkle in his eye and got to work. The result? See below. One sip of the Bee Arthur and your knees will get a little weak. What: The Bee Arthur Where: The Revolving Door Go Get: 2 oz Russell Henry Hawaiian White Ginger Gin 1 oz Cheongsam Smokey Mist Tea Liqueur 1 oz Drambuie 1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice 1 pull Lavender Bitters Make: Put all of the ingredients in a shaker. Shake (that’s why you put them in there). Strain into a coupe. Serve it up with a lemon twist and fresh lavender sprig, when in season. Right now serve with dried lavender carefully placed atop a floating lemon disc. And one more thing: Kindness hosts cocktail classes – Mixology 101 – every other Saturday at the Revolving Door. If you can’t get yourself down to Newport for one of his amazing beverages, he can come to you. Check out his website (thekindspirits.com) if you want him to teach you and your friends a thing or two about cocktails, lead your corporate team-building event or maybe mix for a party. I’m already devising a plan to get him involved with the next Motif shindig